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Save money on your long-distance calling

Want the lowest U.S. and international rates? Buy pre-paid phone cards! You'll enjoy great international rates like Moscow, Russia 1 cent/min, Israel 2.9 cents/min, Italy 2.5 cents/min and China 2.5 cents/min. And, call back to the U.S. from most U.S. military bases around the world for just 6.1 cents/minute! Order online and receive your toll-free access number and calling code via e-mail. We also have cards that work when calling from dozens of other countries. Learn more about our calling cards or order now!

Use our Best Rate Phone Card Finder to see all available rates to the countries you call.

SUPER SERVICE: Peanuts LD. Enjoy the great rates of phone cards with the convenience of not having to dial a PIN with every call -- and the flexibility of not switching your primary long-distance carrier! And it also works as a regular phone card, but your minutes never expire. Rates to most of Russia are 4 cents/min -- less than 2 cents to Moscow and St. Petersburg. See all the great rates with Peanuts LD.

Also with Peanuts: Call FROM the U.S., Canada and more than a dozen other countries -- all at super low cost! Plus, programmable speed dials and Web-triggered callback, which lets you connect two phones anywhere in the world from your Peanuts LD Web account. Check out Peanuts LD or order now!

The GlobalPAPA card works when calling from Brazil, Canada, France, Israel, Mexico, Russia, the U.K. and more! And it's got super-low rates from the U.S., with no connection or maintenance fees. See GlobalPAPA's super rates and terms.

You'll earn a free phone card with our customer rewards program! Get a free $5 phone card after your orders total $100 ($20 minimum purchase required to qualify toward total).


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*Public pay phones typically charge a surcharge of around 70 cents for calling-card use. When used with your mobile phone, airtime charges from your phone plan may apply. Phone card rates are subject to change. **Calls to mobile phones overseas may carry a higher rate, check card details.